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Carlsbad realtor professional portraits and headshots

Carlsbad realtor professional portrait

From the minute their sweet 12-year-old dog, Sophie greeted me at the door, I knew I was going to enjoy spending time photographing John and Lorene Rice at their beautiful home. Judging by Sophie’s relaxed and welcoming demeanor I knew she had like-minded owners. Sometimes you can just tell a lot about people from their dog,…

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Yoga Love and Light with Faye – Oceanside, CA

Faye McGarry yoga

Meet the soulful and beautiful Faye McGarry. I’ve had the pleasure of being a regular student of hers at Yoga Oceanside. The first time I heard her sing a mantra during class I knew I had to capture her voice and her spirit with my camera. In this video you’ll hear Faye singing the “student…

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video: 9 years of Bonnaroo in less than 3 minutes

My obsession with Bonnaroo started in 2006. I was living in Boston and seeing live music as much as possible. I was going to concerts more often than most people went grocery shopping. My friend Hayley knew I was a live music junkie so she invited me to join her crew at Bonnaroo. “Bonn-a-what?” I…

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