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Let’s get to know each other. You’re super passionate about what you do, you’ve got products or offerings that are AH-MAZING. I will help you unleash your intriguing brand story!

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With custom wardrobe styling, hair and makeup all supporting your personalized photo shoot, we’ll create a collection of branded photos that attract your perfect clients.

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After your photo shoot, you get to keep ALL of your amazing photos and choose your favorites for retouching. 

Branding photos for producer

Katherine Kennedy is a producer that has a long-term career in production for movies, TVs, and commercials. Now she is adding an additional offering to her business where she’s coaching people that want to go into the creative arts.  Her services are aimed at parents and kids who want to break into the creative arts,…

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Branding photos for financial advisor & coach

Kat Rogers owns her own financial advising business. She offers financial services and 1:1 coaching for her clients. We’ve worked together in the past and I was so happy to hear she needed new brand photos for her business! Check out her past photo shoot here. She wanted to refresh her brand because she’s launching…

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Branding photos for Oceanside realtor

Kim Collings lives in Oceanside and is an amazing realtor that is down-to-earth and relatable.  She loves living at the beach. So we captured her photos at the beach and around some iconic locations in North County, including her jeep! She is a proud Compass realtor so we also captured photos at her office in…

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Branding photos for San Diego naturopathic health center

Dr. Merritt Jones and her team are a naturopathic health center that specializes in fertility acupuncture, pregnancy support, holistic endometriosis, and PCOS treatment. During the photo shoot, we included headshots of the team so they can use these headshots throughout their website as a way to show the personality of the team. We included behind-the-scene…

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Branding photos for Jenny Harkleroad

Jenny Harkleroad is an admirable author, speaker, and a subconscious mind reprogramming coach.  She is the owner of Balanced You. Jenny and her team help people positively transform their lives so they can accomplish their goals! Jenny came to me for updated brand photos to elevate her brand.  When she reached out I was excited…

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Branding photos for marketing company

C Squared Social is a marketing company that focuses on paid advertising, content marketing, website development, and graphic design. They pride themselves on being hip and up to the minute with the trends on social media. They work with big brands that have a huge online presence. Their shoot consisted of updated headshots for all…

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Branding photos for San Diego business attorney

Amanda Conley is a business attorney who specializes in intellectual property, as well as advertising and marketing compliance in Southern California. Amanda likes working with people on the edges with complicated components. She thrives in a world where people need her to help them with complex business issues. She is full of life and is…

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Branding photos for Oceanside sustainable hair stylist

Sharla Fagan is the owner of the non-toxic and sustainable hair salon, Shear Karma in Oceanside CA.  I instantly felt connected to Sharla as a business owner who prioritizes green business practices and was so excited to work with her!  Sharla’s beautiful salon has been completely non-toxic and organic since 2011. She makes the effort…

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Branding photos for addiction therapist

How do you support your loved one who is struggling with addiction? How do you teach therapists best practices for working with families impacted by addiction? These are the questions that Alana Smith unravels in her therapy practice and as the creator of online courses targeted at communities working with addiction. It’s a heavy subject…

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Behind the scenes of photo retouching

Ok, friends, let’s talk about retouching. Otherwise known as “Photoshopping”, “air brushing”, “social media filters”  … whatever you call it, the power of retouching photos (when done well) can take a great photo and make it spectacular.  However, if your photo retoucher over-uses Photoshop OR if YOU go a little overboard with the social media…

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