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I specialize in magazine-style branding portraits that attract your next level clients.

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Let’s get to know each other. You’re super passionate about what you do, you’ve got products or offerings that are AH-MAZING. I will help you unleash your intriguing brand story!

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With custom wardrobe styling, hair and makeup all supporting your personalized photo shoot, we’ll create a collection of branded photos that attract your perfect clients.

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After your photo shoot, you get to keep ALL of your amazing photos and choose your favorites for retouching. 

Branding photos for Oceanside sustainable hair stylist

Sharla Fagan is the owner of the non-toxic and sustainable hair salon, Shear Karma in Oceanside CA.  I instantly felt connected to Sharla as a business owner who prioritizes green business practices and was so excited to work with her!  Sharla’s beautiful salon has been completely non-toxic and organic since 2011. She makes the effort…

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Branding photos for addiction therapist

How do you support your loved one who is struggling with addiction? How do you teach therapists best practices for working with families impacted by addiction? These are the questions that Alana Smith unravels in her therapy practice and as the creator of online courses targeted at communities working with addiction. It’s a heavy subject…

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Behind the scenes of photo retouching

Ok, friends, let’s talk about retouching. Otherwise known as “Photoshopping”, “air brushing”, “social media filters”  … whatever you call it, the power of retouching photos (when done well) can take a great photo and make it spectacular.  However, if your photo retoucher over-uses Photoshop OR if YOU go a little overboard with the social media…

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Branding photos for San Diego realtor

Terri Fox is a realtor who specializes in the La Costa community of Carlsbad. She’s a long-time resident of San Diego and once you meet her, you feel like you’ve known her forever.  As a Sotheby’s agent, Terri wanted to be true to the high-end brand that Sotheby’s is known for. She is full of…

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Branding photos for financial planning team

The father-daughter led team at Trailhead Wealth Partners recently re-branded and this was an opportunity to showcase their vision for how they lead their clients.  The term Trailhead is a metaphor for their client’s wealth journey. We incorporated the trail and ranch aesthetics into their brand.  In addition to doing photos on the trailhead, we…

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Branding photos for career coach

Linda Kurtz has leveraged her career in HR to create an online course that helps people seeking a career transition.  Using an individual’s strengths, Linda offers guidance to help people move forward and get past blocks to truly live in their values. Often this means a career change – which can be intimidating for many…

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Branding photos for yogi course creator

Sienna Smith has a long, rich history as yoga instructor and coach, so when it came time for her to package her offerings into an online course and to market her podcast, we worked together to create her marketing photos!  Sienna is the host of the Breathe Better Podcast, a Certified Yoga Therapist as well…

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Top 3 ways to save and preserve your photos

Here are my top tips for saving and preserving your photos, but first… I wanted to share a story with you — about how my music pirating habit cost me ALL of my photos.  It was back in “the day”. (To clarify, “the day” was sometime in 2002.) For several years, I had been obsessively…

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Branding photos for Social Marketing Boutique

Jacqueline Farkas and I have worked together a few times to create photos for her marketing. She’s a marketer herself, so she knows the power of on-brand photos!  Jacqueline is the owner of Social Marketing Boutique, which creates custom marketing content and strategies, to help small business owners kick start and build their brand image. …

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What to know before investing in professional photos for your business

What to know before investing in professional photos for your business So you’re thinking of hiring a photographer to create photos for you to use in your business? Yes!! That’s exciting. Imagine all the different, custom photos that you will have to fill up your social media feed, and to use throughout your marketing.  Before…

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