Hello! I'm Marcy Browe, a San Diego Branding Photographer.

I specialize in magazine-style branding portraits that attract your next level clients.

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Create Your Brilliantly Branded Photos
Custom Visual Branding Plan

Let’s get to know each other. You’re super passionate about what you do, you’ve got products or offerings that are AH-MAZING. I will help you unleash your intriguing brand story!

Rock Your Spotlight Moment

With custom wardrobe styling, hair and makeup all supporting your personalized photo shoot, we’ll create a collection of branded photos that attract your perfect clients.

Your Brilliance Comes To Life

After your photo shoot, you get to keep ALL of your amazing photos and choose your favorites for retouching. 

How to prepare for your photoshoot

Your photoshoot is coming up!! In order to feel completely ready to rock your spotlight moment here are some tips for you, as you prepare for photo day: HAIR & MAKEUP If you’re having your hair and makeup done by one of my glam squad pros, here’s how to arrive and what to expect: Arrive…

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Branding photos for spiritual coach

Donna Bond is a spiritual coach. She works with people to help them tap into their spiritual side.  Donna says: “the alignment of our human self and spiritual self is where the truth really resides.”  She believes that when we reach our higher self, only then do things start getting better and making sense showing…

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How to break the mold of boring corporate headshots

The corporate headshot has come a long way from a Sears-inspired photoshoot, taken against a cheesy backdrop. The current style of headshots are fresh and modern, with an emphasis on authenticity and polish. Greetings! My name is Marcy and I’m a headshot and branding photographer serving companies in Southern California.  Are you in need of…

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How to Optimize Your Images For Web Use 

Cori Nichols of Core Marketing Now provides this guest blog post: There are two main considerations when optimizing your images for web use. They go hand in hand, and technically they both have an impact on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but one has to do with the image formatting (size and file type) and the other…

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Branding photos for Develop Your Team

Janie Jackson is the founder of Develop Your Team.  She offers development, workshops, and in-person team training to promote healthy team relationships and maximize productivity.  I captured photographs of her doing team building exercises with her clients. I wanted to show her leading a team to get a sense of what goes on behind the…

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How I elevated my business in 2022

This year, I’m celebrating being in business as a photographer for 9 years.  I’ve spent the past several years building and growing my business, but 2022 was the year that I really got serious about INVESTING in myself and my business.  In 2022 I spent more effort, time and money working on growing and stretching,…

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Branding photos for regenerative detoxification specialist

Corry Lang is a regenerative detoxification specialist, yoga teacher, and an author.  She focuses on detoxification and is also an iridologist.  Cory uses a technique that involves looking into your iris to detect health problems.  She has helped her clients overcome kidney disease, high blood pressure, and more.  She specializes in helping people detox themselves…

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Branding photos for Taoglas

Here’s a “day in the life at Taoglas” photoshoot.  This company produces antenna equipment that’s used all over the world. Their technology and equipment is manufactured in San Diego.  I spent the day at their office capturing all the areas and aspects of the company.  I also photographed every department and all of its team…

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Branding photos for Passion Fit

Reena Voukon owns a successful company called Passion Fit.  She came to me for updated brand photos to continue growing and enhancing her existing brand. She is a speaker, a fitness instructor, and a coach.  She works with others to educate them on how they can integrate nutrition and mindfulness to achieve a healthy work-life…

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Branding photos for financial advisor & coach

Kat Rogers owns her own financial advising business. She offers financial services and 1:1 coaching for her clients. We’ve worked together in the past and I was so happy to hear she needed new brand photos for her business! Check out her past photo shoot here. She wanted to refresh her brand because she’s launching…

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