Marcy Browe Photography - speaking and workshops

As a branding portrait photographer with extensive marketing and advertising experience, I use this unique skill set to help my clients uncover their personal brand. Then, I bring that brand vision to life by creating stunning visual images that perfectly capture my  client’s next-level version of themselves.

As a thriving portrait photographer, I am able to immediately connect with my photo subjects to make them feel at ease and to allow them to enjoy their experience. This is my super power, both behind the camera lens and when presenting to a group. 


Unleash Your Brand Brilliance by Marcy Browe

“Unleash Your Branding Brilliance to Attract Your Next Level Clients”

Your personal brand is the promise of an experience -- it’s the way you tell the world who you are and what you do. Done well, your brand can position you as relatable and memorable, and most importantly: result in more clients, opportunities, and influence. 

Learn how to harness the power of your brand in order to captivate and engage your ideal clients.

During this workshop style presentation, you will learn how to … 

  • Get clear on your personal brand
  • Connect your vision, voice and visuals to create a strong personal brand
  • Determine how you want to be seen by your ideal clients 
  • Tell meaningful, visual stories using the power of your personal brand

This presentation is interactive and participants will walk away with a clear understanding of their personal brand and will have language and talking points to use in their marketing.

Brand Planning Guide

Participants will receive Marcy's Brand Planning Guide, which contains the formula she uses with her portrait clients, to establish their unique personal brand.

This brand planning guide is a workbook that is the launching point for getting clear on your sparkle - that special something that sets you apart from your competition.

Marcy will show visual case studies to illustrate how her clients transformed their visual brand and how they use their photos to attract their ideal clients.

Audience members will get Marcy’s recipe for which type of photos you need to create your personal brand, so they can build their own visual branding tool set. 

Confidence is Gorgeous

“Confidence is Gorgeous: How to Own It in Front of the Camera”

Often, the most attractive person in the room is the one who is the most confident. A confident person appears to be completely comfortable in their own skin. They have an energy and a vibrance that’s just … attractive! You want to get to know this person, to work with them, and be in their orbit. 

As a portrait photographer, I've learned how to instill confidence in my clients so that they look amazing in photos, AND feel incredible in their skin.

During this interactive presentation, I will teach participants techniques for finding self worth so you can be the best version of yourself -- in front of the camera and in everyday life. 

During this presentation, you will learn … 

  • How to be confident in front of the camera 
  • Your camera persona (do you hide from the camera or embrace it?)
  • How to pose so you look your best and your body language is on-point 
  • How to find self confidence and generate more self love 

About Marcy Browe

marcy browe branding photographer keynote speaker

Marcy Browe is a contemporary portrait photographer specializing in personal branding portraits. Marcy helps entrepreneurs up-level their image by creating photos that attract their next level clients. 

By allowing her clients to connect with the best version of themselves, Marcy is consistently showing them their worth and their magnetism by creating images that are stunning, tell their story and attract their ideal clients.

Before taking her long-time passion for photography and becoming a full-time entrepreneur, Marcy worked for major companies in marketing and sales. Now, she gets to blend her extensive business and marketing experience with her creative side... resulting in photos which are spot-on for your unique visual brand.

As an avid lover of all things outdoors, Marcy takes pride in running an environmentally conscious business. When she's not photographing, she can be found surfing, biking, hiking, camping, practicing yoga and enjoying live music.