Personal Brand Photography For Business Owners | Legacy Portraits For Families

There is no greater honor than when you trust me to take your branding photos or to create your family portraits.

Before I took my long-time passion for photography and became a full-time entrepreneur, I worked for major companies in marketing and sales.

Now, I get to blend my extensive business and marketing experience with my creative side...

The result is that I create photos which are spot-on for your unique visual brand or that authentically tells the story of your family. I create photos of you that you’ll be proud of and excited to share!

I grew up in Vermont and New Jersey and then I lived in Boston for many years. I moved to California in 2007 and quickly adapted to the lifestyle of a Cali girl … I love to surf, camp on the beach and ride my bike everywhere.

I take pride in running an environmentally conscious business and I always provide my clients with beautiful, sustainable products.

What do I mean by that? Well, here’s my promise to you:

  • In my photo studio I use green cleaning products and never use single-use plastics
  • Whenever possible, I choose to work with vendors who are committed to ethical and sustainable practices
  • I consistently use green business practices to keep a light carbon footprint
  • I use my platform of photography and my voice to shine a light on environmental best practices to promote the betterment of mother earth
  • A portion of my sales are donated to environmentally focused organizations
    • green Oceanside business

    A few more things about me:

    • I’m a really good parallel parker (parking on the streets of Boston in the winter can really teach a girl how to get any car into tight spaces)
    • I met my husband in 1989 in New Jersey. We re-connected in California in 2012. Fate and cupid had big plans for us!
    • I have a cat named Guinness
    • I’ve seen over 400 concerts, and counting
    • I’ve surfed in Canada (I don’t recommend it without a thick wetsuit!)
    • I played lacrosse in high school and college
    • My first camera was a 1970s Yashica with a 50mm lens
    • I’d choose yoga pants over high heels any day
    • I love a really good red wine, but I’ll happily drink a mediocre glass too! #NotPicky

    Now I want to know more about YOU! Let’s connect so I can get to know you.