family portrait, Oceanside

Renison Family: photos and videos taken in Oceanside, CA

This family portrait session includes videos of these adorable kiddos talking about their life at 5 and 7 (and a half!) Cuteness overdose warning: there are lots of smooches and giggles captured here.

Before we did the family photo shoot for the Renison Family in Oceanside, I interviewed the kids and asked them all kinds of questions about their family. What really shines through in this video and in the photos, is how much Carly LOVES her dad and Jay ADORES his mom. I was sworn to secrecy so I didn’t include this in the video but Carly revealed that she wants to marry her dad … but shhhhhhhhh don’t tell him because, it’s a secret!!

I love interviewing the kids for these Keepsake Packages. Capturing these moments on film is a true treasure that families can enjoy for years to come.

If you know a family who would like to capture their memories using a Keepsake Package, please contact me, I’d love to work with you!

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