San Diego Branding photos for Dr. Sherry Price

Branding photos for Dr.Sherry Price

EpicYOU is Dr. Sherry Price’s membership program for women who want to up-level their mental, emotional, and physical health.  This is a community which enables women to discover how to lose weight in midlife and beyond, improve relationships, have more energy. To goal is to clear mental and emotional baggage so you can live your…

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San Diego Brand Photos for Holistic Therapist

San Diego Brand Photos for Rashida Black - Holistic therapist and clinical social worker

BRAND WORDS:  Self compassion. Heart centered. Energized. Comfortable. Empowered. Held. Nourished. Accepting. Intuitive. Empathic. Secret keeper. As the founder of Khemura Wellness, the core of Rashida’s therapy offering is self-compassion. She wants her clients to feel seen and heard and understood.  What Rashida offers is a marriage of spirituality and formal therapy training. By bringing…

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San Diego Branding Photos for Marla Borger

Branding photos for Marla Borger

Marla Borger is a business and transition coach, who helps small businesses run their businesses.  Career path has taken Marla into a variety of roles. Including corporate, biotech, finance, and even to a retail consignment shop.  Marla’s variety of backgrounds helps her connect with and coach her clients through transitions all the way through setting…

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Branding photos for Dr. Sherry Price of Epic You

What a heart and mission Dr. Sherry Price brings to her coaching business, EpicYOU.  Helping women drink less, eat healthy, and feel EPIC in their lives is Sherry’s north star. She helps women transform their relationship with alcohol and food through self-compassion, so they have confidence and peace to live an amazing, epic life. Sherry…

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