Mother Earth’s #MeToo Moment: How Social Change Leads to Hope

green business and eco friendly sustainable business

April 22 is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. And normally, we would celebrate Earth Day with community gatherings, street fairs, and public art installations. Nope, not this year. But, social distancing doesn’t have to mean collective disengagement. The coronavirus demonstrates that we are all in this together, and that collective action is essential to…

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How To Be A Green Business

Whether you’re a solo business owner (like me!) or you have a huge facility or anything in between there are MANY ways we can be more green and sustainable as business owners. Here are MY tips for being sustainable AND some resources from the Green Business Network of California. Learn more about my philosophy as…

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Building a green photography business – Oceanside, CA

Green photographer Marcy Browe

On this Earth Day I am thrilled to announce that Marcy Browe Photography has been included in the Green Oceanside Business Network!!! Green Oceanside Businesses are recognized as environmental leaders that incorporate sustainable practices. The Green Oceanside Business Network was created to spur innovation and environmental responsibility while helping Oceanside businesses prosper in the green…

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