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Ask Me Anything: How to Use Your Brand to Attract Your Next Level Clients

I was in “the hot seat” for the Connected Women of Influence panel called “Ask Me Anything” … the topic was all about branding.

Your brand is the promise of an experience — what future clients can expect when they work with you.

But most people aren’t clear on what their brand is, or how to use this to attract their ideal clients.

During this session, I answered some of the following questions submitted by the attendees:

  • how do I show photos of myself as a speaker if I don’t have photos of me on stage or presenting to an audience?
  • what are the photos I need to brand myself?
  • if I don’t like something about myself, is it ok to hide it in photos?
  • how do I get my makeup to last longer, especially when I’m on video?
  • how does the branding photoshoot process work?
  • what kind of questions do you ask to help someone uncover their brand?
  • what poses are good for coaches and speakers?
  • what colors look good on me, and how do I help clients with this process?

Watch the video:

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