Behind the scenes of team headshots & employee lifestyle photos

Behind the scenes of team headshots & employee lifestyle photos

Team headshots are great to have for many reasons. They help set a great first impression and help your clients get to know what you stand for and understand your mission as a team.

Check out this video to see what goes on behind a corporate shoot:

What exactly happens behind the scenes?

  1. I make sure to include some lifestyle photos of your team working to convey to your clients what goes on behind the scenes when you are collaborating with your team. These are not posed and are natural photos to capture your team at work.
  2. Corporate headshots are included to show who your team is and to give a sense of their personality through their photos. 
  3. It’s meant to be fun. Just do what you do best and I’ll work my magic to capture beautiful photos of your team so you are able to use them throughout your website and attract clients that see the passion behind your photos.

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