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Behind the Scenes: family portrait on the beach in San Diego

Go behind the scenes with me as I photograph a family on the beach in San Diego. This family is SO much fun to be around. They are all super sporty and competitive and silly. And they love to have a great time together so, of course, we got some great family portraits of this clan.

The Plaskonos family lives in San Diego. They had lived in several different cities over the years, but after their 4th child was born they happily settled in San Diego. I agree! Who wouldn’t want to live here? The kids are becoming great surfers and they spend as much time at the beach as they can.

As you’ll see in this video, we photographed the family on the beach at the pier in Pacific Beach, CA. The beach is always a great place to photograph families, because the kids love running around and they can be loud and silly — which makes for great (and real!) photos.

We photographed under the Pacific Beach pier in the shade. The kids loved climbing on the wooden structure and hanging from the beams. At the end of family photoshoots, I love asking the kids to run towards the camera and race each other. This always makes great photos. But the parents wanted in on the action (did I mention they were competitive?). We did a few takes of the running, and I was laughing so hard behind my camera watching as everyone ran as fast as they could. As you can see, we got some great shots and I laugh every time I look at this family’s photos. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

If this looks like something you’re interested in doing, please contact me to discuss your family portraits – I’d love to work with your family!

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