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San Diego Family Photography – beach side photo shoot

I adore this family!! I captured the Plaskonos tribe at the beach near their home.
Check out this video I made for them. Say hello to this amazing family of six special people….

I interviewed each of the kids and asked them to tell me the best things about their parents. Pearl loves that her dad is funny and tells jokes (watch the video to see Pearl re-telling a classic – her delivery is great by the way!). Myles mentioned that he loves when his mom reads him books at night. (I used to love that as a kid too!!) Ella talks about sewing with her mom and she loves having projects they can make together. Nathan says his dad is silly (true!!) and at Halloween, his dad dressed up as Lucha Libra and pretended he was the town savior.

Who wouldn’t want to capture those sweet memories on film??

Using video alongside your family portraits, is a great way to create a time capsule for your ever-changing family.

In our world today we are constantly snapping pictures and taking photos on our phones, but it’s great to have a time capsule piece that your family can watch together or send to relatives that live far away.

If this looks like something you’d like to do – contact me to book a shoot with your family!


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