Carlsbad realtor professional portrait

Carlsbad realtor professional portraits and headshots

From the minute their sweet 12-year-old dog, Sophie greeted me at the door, I knew I was going to enjoy spending time photographing John and Lorene Rice at their beautiful home. Judging by Sophie’s relaxed and welcoming demeanor I knew she had like-minded owners. Sometimes you can just tell a lot about people from their dog, you know?

I photographed John and Lorene at their home in Carlsbad for La Costa Living Magazine. They have been married for 25 years and both share a love of home, biking and laughter. John and Lorene also work together as realtors for Sotheby’s International Realty. 

John and Lorene rice front door

John and Lorene and their dog, Sophie

We started with photographs in their back yard and on the covered terrace — which is where I would spend all of my time if I lived here. We took photos of them together and also individial headshot portraits.

Lorene and John Rice

Spending time on their terrace. Sophie is always close by.

Lorene Rice headshot

John Rice headshot


John Rice headshot

When I suggested that we take a few photos inside their living room, John and Lorene immediately shifted into work mode and performed a “30-second staging” to prep their space for photos, giggling with each other the whole time.

living room portrait That’s the thing I picked up about these two — they are very sweet to each other and can make the other one laugh on cue. In an attempt to make Lorene laugh, John asked her how she felt about skipping her yoga class for our photo shoot (insert giggle from Lorene) and to add insult to injury he said “you’re also going to eat a dead animal tonight at the Flying Pig” (one of my favorite Oceanside restaurants!). By this time, all of us were laughing at John’s banter.

living room portrait

We chatted about the kinds of photos that we needed for the magazine and when I suggested that we also take some lifestyle photos to showcase their hobbies, John mentioned that he has a garage full of bikes and Lorene told me that she loved to garden. I really appreciate when people are into getting their photos taken so I was happy!

Any bike lover would be impressed by this collection and the immaculate space John has set up to work on his bikes. Both John and Lorene have been riding street and mountain bikes for years and know the best trails in and around San Diego.

bike portrait

John Rice tunes up his Trek road bike

bike portrait

John in his garage

 Lorene showed me around her vegetable garden. Beets and onions were ready to be pulled, so she grabbed a beautiful bouquet of vegetables for me – I left with a bounty of homegrown veggies, yaaay!! Growing up in an Italian home, Lorene developed a love of cooking and she gave me some great ideas for preparing the beet greens. I used this recipe and it was so good and fresh!!

John and Lorene Rice

Lorene Rice in her garden

John and Lorene Rice

Lorene picks beets from her garden.

garden portrait

Lorene in front of the garden shed

I really enjoyed spending time at John and Lorene’s house and getting to know this fun-loving, warm couple. Keep filling the world with your humor and love!!

living room portrait



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