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30 Days of Gorgeous | Marcy Browe Photography | San Diego, CA

March 8, 2016 Photography
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30 Days of Gorgeous

I believe that every woman deserves the opportunity to feel beautiful. The reality is that, as women, we don’t always feel amazing in our own skin. We all know that magazines and advertisements often distort the concept of beauty. However,…

My Personal Philosophy on Re-Touching Photos

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Ok, people, let’s talk about Photoshop. Re-touching, air brushing, a digital facial … whatever you call it, the power of Photoshop in the right hands can be etherial. But if your re-toucher over-uses Photoshop it can make your photos look…

Personal branding portraits | Debbra Sweet | San Diego portrait photographer, Marcy Browe

January 11, 2016 Photography
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San Diego portrait photography

Trailblazing. Edgy. Dynamic. Movement. These are the words Debbra Sweet used to describe how she wanted to appear in her personal branding photos. Words and emotions are important to Debbra. She crafts messages for a living. Debbra is the powerhouse…

3 Generations Family Portraits + Video | Oceanside, CA | Marcy Browe Photography

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large group family portrait

The Powers family traveled from all corners of the country to gather in Oceanside to celebrate their mother / grandmother's 80th birthday. From Massachusetts and Oregon, three generations of this family came together a few days after Christmas, and I…

Headshot portrait session | Rex Hindrichs | Marcy Browe Photography – San Diego, CA

January 6, 2016 Photography, Headshots, Portraits
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headshot Oceanside

"Tough guy", "Thug", "Menacing". These are the types of characters Rex Hindrichs is looking to get casted for. Although when you meet him, that's not at all what comes across in his warm, gentle personality. And then ... he switches…

2015 Year in Review: San Diego Portrait Photographer | Oceanside, CA

Wow! looking back on all of the photo projects I've done in 2015 makes me realize I've had the chance to capture a whole lot of wonderful faces.    What an incredible year it has been. I was looking through…

Clue – Brattleboro, VT Edition | Family Project

December 29, 2015 Photography, Family Photography
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My family gathered at my Aunt Mary's house in Brattleboro, Vermont this summer. The house, which was built in 1885, is full of history and has been lovingly restored by Mary. The original owner of the house was George Dunham,…

Family photo shoot + video | Orfila Vineyards, Escondido

When Kristi and I started talking about capturing her family for portraits, we knew we had to choose the perfect location. A location that reflected the stylish and friendly nature of this close-knit family. As a wine lover, Kristi fell…

La Costa Living Magazine Year in Review | Marcy Browe Photography

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Over the past year I've had the pleasure of being a photographer for the La Costa Living Magazine, which is distributed to the residents of the La Costa Oaks neighborhood in Carlsbad, CA. The magazine, which is produced by Nick DeNinno of N2 Publishing,…

Family portrait session + video | Stabler Family | Oceanside, CA | Marcy Browe Photography

When I photograph families with little kids, I LOVE interviewing them on video. I ask them to tell me their age and their name (or in this case, four-year-old Finely gave me all of her names: Finley Ella Adeline Stabler!) And I ask…