Take a peek at what I’ve been doing in my new photo studio!

So in my world the big news is that I now have a new photo studio!! This has added a whole new style to my photography arsenal.

Living in San Diego, we can shoot outside almost every day of the year and I am SO fortunate to be a portrait photographer here in this beautiful setting. However, having a photo studio with a mix of natural light and my studio equipment is the perfect addition to Mother Nature’s photo studio.

Since opening my photo studio several weeks ago, I’ve been busy photographing a variety of clients. I wanted to share some of the work from my studio with you…

If you or someone you know needs portraits to promote their business or for modeling/acting, I’d love to work with them!!


One of the features I am MOST excited about in my studio is the ability to create personal branding sets customized for my clients. I have all the elements to style an office or another environment that showcases you at work, like I did for Ana, a high-end marketing entrepreneur:


She needed headshots to put herself into the acting game. Dolores came with several different “looks” that portrayed the types of characters she wants to audition for.

This is a fitness and lifestyle photoshoot I did for Chirssa, who is a health and wellness lifestyle blogger for busy moms. She came with a whole selection of outfits and fitness props in order to create a variety of photos to use throughout her marketing, social media and blogs.

My friend Maria came to help me test out the lighting and set ups in my new space. I asked her to bring several outfits so I could practice on her! Sometimes you just need a test subject to help you work out the kinks of a new space. Maria told me she has never had professional photos taken, and I was so grateful to have her beautiful face to christen my new photo studio!! These are the types of portraits that mean so much to me … when I get to capture the beauty and vulnerability of a woman who is willing to be open in front of the camera.

Kelly Jean:
This multi-talented woman is putting herself back into the acting world, after a break to pursue other avenues. She wanted to capture a variety of images to give to her agent – from the “mom” to “executive/lawyer” to “fitness”.

This shoot was designed to capture the different style archetypes that will be featured on Luvvul’s app. This app will connect shoppers who value ethical manufacturing with stylists who are skilled at putting clothing and accessories together. The clothes used in this photoshoot are all from Luvvul’s brand partners whose personal value system that reflects the Luvvul community.

So now that you’ve seen a sneak peek into the types of photoshoots happening in my studio, I’d love a referral to someone who is looking to up-level their image or who wants to attract the perfect client!!

Thanks and cheers!





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