Meet Jean Greenland – the woman who is living her dreams and taking her retirement years by storm!

I am filled with awe and so inspired by this woman’s journey…

Jean retired last year from a life-long career in the automotive industry. She bought a brand new, incredibly special, limited-edition Airstream and packed up her life in Michigan and hit the road with her two dogs, Romeo and Juliet.

Her mission is to travel this beautiful country and offer Yoga and Reiki and meditation – both in National Parks and throughout her travels. She recognizes that many people her age aren’t taking care of themselves in a way that encourages longevity and full health. So Jean is here to provide this much needed love and service to those who are lucky enough to cross her path.

And what a path it has been so far!

Jean’s Airstream is a Pendleton edition — only 100 of these beauties exist in the world. The inside of her mobile home is so special and filled with all the details and souvenirs that contribute to Jean’s Earth Mother personality. She came to California to study at the Chopra Center, and is living a life filled with love. She has a effortless way of connecting with anyone she meets.

Just being around Jean fills me with admiration and inspiration for taking a good life and making it a GREAT one!