Personal Branding portraits | Danielle Angelo

Danielle Angelo is a coach for teens. She’s the mom of three beautiful teen girls so she knows this subject matter intimately! Danielle is very in touch with the power of spirituality and the benefits of meditation, and she uses these skills in her coaching business.

She has had a long career in events, currently she’s the director of events for the Chopra Center in Carlsbad. When it came time to photograph her for her new business venture, we talked a lot about how she wanted to represent her personal brand. She knew she wanted to incorporate nature and to inject a peaceful vibe into the photos.

We also photographed her coaching, using her daughter as a model for those shots.

Watching Danielle with her girls filled my heart with love. I got to witness the beautiful bond of these women, who are growing up with a mom who is teaching them about self care, love, mindfulness, healthy eating and how to advocate for yourself.

Danielle, I wish you the best with your new business and thank you for letting me capture you!!




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