Tiffany Vo Perez is a clutter consultant. She helps individuals and business cut through the clutter and organize their homes and work spaces in order to live a better, simpler, more conscious life.

When it came time to create personal branding photos for Tiffany we talked a lot about the style and vibe she was looking to capture. She wanted her photos to represent mindfulness, nature, empowerment, and connecting on a deeper level to your space and your feeling of self.

Tiffany sees herself as open and a confidant, someone who you can trust to clear your space and organize in a way that feels safe and supportive.

She came with a few different outfits to represent various sides of her personality. This striking red dress is custom-made for her, in the tradition of her Vietnamese heritage. I love they way she showed up and was ready to play and capture her spirt during our shoot.

I you need help simplifying and organizing in a meaningful way, I encourage you to reach out to Tiffany for a consultation!



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