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Got Glare? Learn about the importance of getting non-glare lenses for your glasses

I often photograph people with glasses and I can immediately tell when they have a non-glare coating on their lenses … because I can SEE their eyes behind their frames!

It made we wonder about why doesn’t everyone get this option when they get glasses? Because it makes a huge difference in photographs!

So, I visited my optometrist Dr. Howard Wang of Modern Eyes Optometry to explain to me about non-glare lenses for your glasses. We even did an experiment showing you the difference between standard frames and frames with the non-glare. You can see the difference right away!

Check out our video to see for yourself!

And also check out the photos of did for Dr. Wang and his staff a few years ago, at their beautiful office in Carlsbad, CA. If you’re looking for an optometrist in San Diego, I highly recommend Dr. Wang, he’s wonderful!!


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