How lucky am I to call this amazing man my husband!??

Some of the titles he holds include: yoga instructor, high school teacher, US Marine Corps veteran, dog whisperer, and world champion husband.

Rick Worthington is a constant source of inspiration and love — not just for me, but for many people who are in his orbit. I witness this outpouring of love for Rick on a constant basis … often in the form of former students that we run into.

When the student run-ins happen it usually goes like this: “Mr. Worthington, you were my favorite teacher!!” Followed by lots of gushing and always a handshake. Handshakes are a right of entry into his classroom. Every single school day, each student shakes Rick’s hand as they enter his classroom.

For 13 years he taught earth science and biology at Vista High School. And last year, Rick was challenged with one of the most important teaching assignments of his career: he was recruited to create a pilot program at his school focusing on teaching mindfulness and emotional wellness to all freshmen.

Rick was able to draw on his experience as a yogi and also his dedicated self-practice of meditation and mindfulness to create an experience for these freshmen that will have lasting impact well beyond their first year of high school.

Watching Rick give his time and energy to building this program has been a true source of pride and inspiration for me! You see, this is Rick’s super power: he is able to connect with his students in a way that many people don’t. It’s not an easy job, often he comes home depleted and emotionally burdened with the work he does, or just plain frustrated by the nature of working with hundreds of freshmen (because, seriously … have you hung out with a teenager lately?!) But he loves what he does and he’s a phenomenal teacher.

But I think his most adoring student is ME! I get all the benefits of learning from this incredibly smart (and quirky) man. He is constantly teaching me about all of his favorite subjects: geology, yogic philosophies, Family Guy humor, world travel, ancient civilizations, breakfast burritos, astronomy, surfing zen, bird nerding, and a host of other topics.

And, I’m glad he let me capture his handsome mug at my photo studio…