Branding photos & video for Ashley Strong Smith

Personal branding photos in Oceanside, created to capture the spirit of Ashley's mission.

My dear friend and fellow photographer wanted to document her 5-year business anniversary with a series of videos and a branding photoshoot. Ashley’s business was born out of passion for documenting love and from inspirations drawn from her time living in Tanzania. She has created a thriving wedding and portrait photography business which allows her…

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Branding photos for Orange County attorney

personal branding and marketing and website photos for attorney by oceanside photographer Marcy Browe, personal branding photos in orange county, ca

Parag Shah, a defense attorney needed branding photos for his website, marketing and social media presence. As a defense attorney, Parag has the tricky task of needing to appear professional, driven, hard working, but also warm and approachable.  I worked with his marketing team before and during the photoshoot, to ensure we were capturing images…

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Brand photos for San Diego Family Mediation

branding and website and marketing photos for attorneys, oceanside photographer Marcy Browe, personal branding photos in san diego, ca

When I met Amanda and Jennifer, the owners of San Diego Family Mediation, I knew right away that these women had a special gift for taking complex and emotional family law and giving their clients the gift of calm, ease and expertise.  Let’s face it, nobody wants to be going through a divorce. But if…

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Fab Fempreneur Fest 2020 sponsor

If you’re like me, I know you have incredible reasons for wanting to grow your business. But do you have a ROCK SOLID PLAN in place for growing and scaling your business? Do you have a VISION for your life that is your guiding light throughout the year?  If not (or if you’re feelin’ like…

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Branding Photos & Videos for Ashlynn Cubbison

Personal branding photos and branding videos in Oceanside. created by San Diego personal branding photographer marcy browe

Ashlynn Cubbison wanted to create a series of videos and accompanying brand photos, to promote her coaching offerings.  We spent a full day at my studio and created a whole portfolio of images and matching videos: CLICK TO VIEW ASHLYNN’S VIDEO LIBRARY: Ashlynn and I first met several years ago when I worked with her…

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