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Brand photos for San Diego Family Mediation

When I met Amanda and Jennifer, the owners of San Diego Family Mediation, I knew right away that these women had a special gift for taking complex and emotional family law and giving their clients the gift of calm, ease and expertise. 

Let’s face it, nobody wants to be going through a divorce. But if that is the path you’re on, being able to navigate this troubling time with a mediator instead of going to court is often preferred. But it takes a certain skill set and disposition to offer this service to divorcing couples. And after spending the whole day with the team at San Diego Family Mediation, I can see why they are sought-after mediators and I know why they have a thriving business. 

Their team members gathered from Orange County and San Diego to their Del Mar office for branding photos to use in their marketing. We also took lifestyle photos of Amanda and Jen in Solana beach, with Amanda’s dog (who is very much part of the team and the office mascot) 

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