Family beach photoshoot Oceanside, CA | Ramon Family

family photographer San Diego

The Ramon Family travelled from Utah to spend time together in Oceanside, CA. They’re a close family, they live near each other and see one other all the time in Utah. But this trip to Oceanside was to celebrate the last time they’ll be together as a family for the next two years. They’re 18-year-old son,…

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Family Beach Portrait | Rebelo Family | San Diego Portrait Photographer

This was a special portrait session for the Rebelo family because they’ve all moved to California from South Africa. This photo represents this family’s new chapter as Californians. However, let the record show that Gabriel and Marcia’s youngest daughter Angela, who is a professional ballerina living in Geneva, is not in this photo. Gabriel has spent his…

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My Personal Philosophy on Re-Touching Photos

Ok, people, let’s talk about Photoshop. Re-touching, air brushing, a digital facial … whatever you call it, the power of Photoshop in the right hands can be etherial. But if your re-toucher over-uses Photoshop it can make your photos look very un-natural. Fake, dated, blurry, altered, cartoonish … these are NOT words you want people…

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Family photo shoot + video | Orfila Vineyards, Escondido

family portrait Escondido CA

When Kristi and I started talking about capturing her family for portraits, we knew we had to choose the perfect location. A location that reflected the stylish and friendly nature of this close-knit family. As a wine lover, Kristi fell in love with the idea of having her family photographed in the romantic rustic setting of a…

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Video Tip for the modern man – how to dress for your professional portrait

business portrait

I teamed up with Lauren Castle, an Image Strategist and Style Advisor with Impress Express, to discuss how men should dress for their professional portraits. We brought along our mutual client, Daniel Gawrys, to model for us. Daniel is an Executive Coach & Educational Consultant. In my opinion, Daniel defines the modern business man. In his…

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Video Tip: How to strike a flattering pose in photos

Slenderiezer video

I call this move the “Slender-izer” I’m letting you in on a photographer’s posing tip. It’s quite simple, and it’s guaranteed to give you a more flattering body shape in photos. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to look their best in a photo? You know how people say the camera adds 10 pounds?…

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5 tips for getting perfect makeup for your headshot portrait

makeup for a headshot

I’ve got another how-to video for you, ladies! This time we’re talking about how to get great makeup for your headshot photo shoot. Whether you’re a seasoned glam gal or you’re more of the natural type, there are some nuggets of wisdom in this video. Once you have your headshot session booked, it’s time to…

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Tips for getting great hair for your headshot photoshoot

hair stylist

Hey ladies! Let’s talk about hair. Specifically, how to ensure you have great hair for your headshot portrait. Every professional — regardless of the industry you’re in —  should have a great headshot of themselves. You need a recent, professional-looking photo to use when promoting yourself on social media, in industry trade publications, for speaking…

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Aaron Scheidies Portraits at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA

Aaron Scheides portrait

Last week I had the privilege of photographing the #1 World Paratriathlon Champion, Aaron Scheidies, at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA. Aaron was in San Diego as part of his “Road to Rio” training for the 2016 Paralympics At the age of 9, Aaron was diagnosed with juvenile macular degeneration which has…

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Renison Family: photos and videos taken in Oceanside, CA

family portrait, Oceanside

This family portrait session includes videos of these adorable kiddos talking about their life at 5 and 7 (and a half!) Cuteness overdose warning: there are lots of smooches and giggles captured here. Before we did the family photo shoot for the Renison Family in Oceanside, I interviewed the kids and asked them all kinds of…

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Kyndra de St. Aubin

behind the scenes portrait shoot

I recently photographed Kyndra de St. Aubin, who represents the new generation of female sports broadcasters. A former University of Minnesota soccer star, Kyndra is currently an analyst for women’s college soccer, basketball and softball! Kyndra lives in Arizona, but she came to LA for a few days with her beautiful 7-month-old baby girl and…

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