Brand photos for Patty Berg of Wishing Tree

Branding photos for the wishing tree

Patty Berg is the owner of Wishing Tree Company, a service that allows you to gift trees (which are planted for you by the team at Wishing Tree!) With its near-perfect climate, San Diego County is the ideal place to plant and grow premium quality trees that are guaranteed to thrive. As a long-time resident…

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Brand photos for Avadhi Dhruv, Spiritual Business Coach

San Diego Brand Photos for Spiritual Business Coach

When I first was connected with Avadhi it was just prior to the launch of her (now best-selling!) book Inner Genius, Outer Guru. She wanted branding photos that captured the essence of her spiritual coaching business.  The word ‘guru’ has been misrepresented in some circles. However, with Avadhi’s upbringing and education in ancient Indian philosophy,…

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