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Top 6 reasons to get professional hair & makeup for your photos

Every single time a portrait client gets professional hair and makeup before her photoshoot, I am grateful that she said yes to that experience. Because when a woman is in the hands of a professional, the results speak for themselves – polished and perfectly done!

I always encourage women to seek a little glam assistance before their portrait session, and here are 6 reasons why:

1. Less re-touching work for me.
Ok, so I realize that sounds totally self-serving … but think about it: when I look at images in preparation for re-touching, the people who have seen a professional have better looking skin and photo-ready hair. It’s true! The skin actually looks BETTER (in real life AND on camera) when professional products are used, and skin is prepared properly before applying makeup. Additionally, professionally styled hair has less fly-aways and stays put longer.This makes for a much better photo, and yes, I spend much less time re-touching images.

2. The professionals know what they are doing.
And they don’t use silver shimmer eyeshadow. Yeah, I know that’s weirdly specific, but silver shimmer eyeshadow is my pet peeve — it’s a dated look and it doesn’t translate well to photos.
When applying their own makeup, many women end up with un-even eyebrows, have overly-clumpy mascara, use too much bronzer, or commit other makeup faux pas. The professionals know exactly what products to use (and NOT to use) so you look your best on camera.

Professional hair and makeup artists work with real women, not just models

Any busy hair and makeup artist typically works with wedding clients as well as on professional photoshoots. This means they can work with ANY type of woman – from a mother of the bride, to an elderly grandmother, to a teenager. They know how to create a perfect  look for any woman because they’ve had experience with a whole range of skin types, coloring and hair styles.

3. Nail the “natural look”
Natural doesn’t mean no makeup or light makeup – it means you look like the best version of yourself. And achieving a “natural look” actually involves way more products than you might think. Before a makeup artist applies any makeup, she treats the skin and prepares it for makeup, meaning you will look flawless and effortless … you know, “natural”!

4. Take the stress out of the photoshoot preparation
Working with a makeup artist and a hair stylist means that you’ll be able to sit back and be pampered while you are being made up; it’ll give you a chance to relax and catch your breath and focus on bringing the best energy to your photoshoot.

5. It lasts all day
The professional products in your makeup artist’s and hair stylist’s kit are likely meant to be both long-wearing and flexible. When you hire a professional, you can rest assured that you’ll keep looking your best throughout the photoshoot – no matter the weather or conditions you’re in. Professional makeup products do not break down or slide like regular makeup products do. Same with a professional hair style – it lasts way longer than your every day hair style.

6. Confidence is gorgeous
When you feel beautiful – with gorgeous hair and incredible makeup – you can show up and shine on camera, and connect with me through my lens.


Here are a few “before” and “after” examples. This is NOT to say that these gorgeous women look better with hair and makeup assistance, but this does show how the camera loves a little glam :

san diego headshot photographer
san diego headshot photographer
san diego headshot photographer
san diego headshot photographer
san diego headshot photographer
san diego headshot photographer
san diego headshot photographer

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  1. clipping path on December 7, 2017 at 7:03 pm

    Look very good. Look very beautiful

  2. Miranda Kelton on June 26, 2023 at 4:22 pm

    Such great advice – I encourage all of my photography clients to get professional hair & makeup done before their sessions. Love all the behind-the-scenes!

    • Marcy on April 17, 2024 at 11:39 pm

      yes it makes such a difference!

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