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Tradeshow Executive Magazine cover shoot | Jo-Anne Kelleway

Photographing the CEO of The Info Salons Group for the cover of Tradeshow Executive Magazine was such a fun assignment!

Often, when you hear “CEO” you think of an over-scheduled busy person, in a business suit, with a powerful disposition. However, this CEO, Jo-Anne Kelleway couldn’t have been more warm, fun and down-to-earth! Not one ounce of diva or high maintenance to be found here. I loved every minute I got to spend with her in Anaheim, CA for this magazine shoot.

We laughed a lot throughout the photo process, I specifically remember getting a fewΒ laughs when we wereΒ scouting for random restrooms in the Convention Center to be used forΒ on-the-spot wardrobe changes… it’s those in-between moments that make photoshoots fun and memorable.

Jo-Anne is from Sydney, Australia but was in California for a tradeshow industry convention, so the publisher of Tradeshow Executive Magazine scheduled her photoshoot during this time. And I was lucky enough to get to know this fabulous woman you see here. We instantly clicked as we chatted and walked to a few different locations around the Anaheim Convention Center to get a variety of photos.

Jo-Anne told me she wasn’t a business suit person and felt more at home in laid back clothing, because that’s how she rolls in Australia. She loves to surf, be in the water and spend time outdoors with her family. I really enjoyed my time with her, she is the kind of person who makes my job fun and easy!

Cheers to you Jo-Anne, good luck with your company as you expand to the US!

executive portrait for magazine cover

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