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Melissa Williams has a way with words.

In fact, words are her specialty. She’s a San Diego copywriter and the owner of Brand Meets Copy and we teamed up to create new photos for her re-branded website.

She describes her role as a creative copywriter best when she says “it is my passion to help people find the right words to use to convey their brand’s message.”

Melissa works with a variety of clients and provides them with copy for websites, blog posts and marketing materials.  

Whether you are clueless as to who exactly your target market is, can’t find a way to craft the right words to sell your stuff, or simply don’t have the time it takes to work on a website full of copy, this woman will get your words where they need to be.

We met many months ago at a business networking group and when it came time to update her website, we teamed up to create images that represent Melissa’s fresh, bold and whimsical style.

I love the colors she chose for her photos. The pink and blue that she uses in her branding made perfect colors for the photo shoot! That color pink is so cool and unforgettable.

If you need a marketing pro to help you find the right words, I highly recommend Melissa.

Brand Meets Copy


notebook Notebook portrait

Check out how Melissa used some of her personal branding images on her website and on her Facebook page:

personal branding personal branding personal branding


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