What do I do with my hands?

This is usually the first question I get asked when photographing someone. 

Isn’t it funny how most of us feel so AWKWARD in front of the camera? We can be totally comfortable and at ease in every other moment of our lives, but as soon as the camera comes out we can feel like a baby giraffe that doesn’t know what to do with our clunky long limbs. 

The good news is that I know exactly what you can do with your hands, and this is all part of the behind-the-camera coaching I do when I’m photographing you.

This coaching helps turn a potentially awkward photo into an effortless representation of YOU. 

Here are a few tips for you, next time you think “what do I do with my hands?” 

  1. Hands in pockets. Be sure to relax your wrists and fingers so it doesn’t look like you are gripping your pockets.  Relax your elbows.
  2. ⁠Cross your arms across your lap to hide a bulging belly.
  3. Drape your arm over the back of a chair.⁠
  4. Lean in. Gently clasp your hands on top of your knees.
  5. Put something in your hands like a mug or phone or pen. Be sure to hold it in a way that you naturally would. ⁠
  6. Put your hands on the smallest part of your waist (not the hips, you want your hands on the narrowest part of your torso)
  7. Some people avoid crossing arms because they think it can look closed off, but if your energy is open and the pose is relaxed it can read as engaged and confident. ⁠

When I work with you, I help you get your hands (and hips and chin and belly) in the right spot, so you look your best on camera. 

I offer personal branding and corporate branding photoshoots. As part of the photoshoot process, I coach you, so you look your best in the photos. No awkward, stiff posed shots! 

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