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Behind the scenes of a personal branding photoshoot

When you work with me, I go into full-force producer mode. There’s a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into creating a branding photoshoot.

When I’m in producer mode here’s my team and I are doing:

  • pre-photoshoot planning sessions
  • scouting locations
  • hiring hair and makeup professionals
  • wardrobe consultations for clients
  • acquiring & gathering props
  • casting supporting characters for your photoshoot
  • developing a detailed plan for the photoshoot day
  • managing all logistics
  • coordinating a full day with multiple locations
  • creating a production schedule

And that’s all BEFORE I even hit the shutter button on my camera. It’s a huge amount of pre-production work but this level of attention to detail is what makes your personal branding photoshoot feel like a celebrity experience. I am the producer and YOU are the talent!

Branding photos for San Diego acupuncturist
gathering props, scouting locations and recruiting models to be in your photos is a big part of the production work behind the scenes.
hiring the right hair and makeup artists gives you the celebrity experience
Branding photos for entrepreneur, author, and podcast host
creating timelines and production schedules helps keep everyone on track, so you can focus on being present and relaxed leading up to your photoshoot
Personal branding photos in San Diego
selecting supporting characters to be in your photos is an essential part of the pre-production
branding photos for san diego marketing professional, oceanside photographer Marcy Browe
helping you determine what to wear is key when it comes to photoshoot planning
branding photos for San Diego wardrobe stylist
I can refer to you my A-team of clothing stylists, to help you look the part for photoshoot day
personal branding and marketing and website photos for attorney by oceanside photographer Marcy Browe, personal branding photos in orange county, ca
finding the right locations (and knowing where NOT to shoot) is a big part of the planning

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