Branding photos for San Diego biotech

Photographing lifestyle photos and headshots for the entire team at the biotech start-up DTX Pharma, meant that I got to go behind the scenes and follow the employees into the lab and around their beautiful campus, located in San Diego.

This company uses their lab to create novel RNA-based therapeutics to treat the genetic drivers of disease.

The team at DTX Pharma are all eager to share what they’re working on, they’re excited to be at the forefront of many therapeutic technologies. I got an insider’s peek into their company culture and it was an honor to capture this team at a time when the company is growing and expanding quickly.

I took photos on their campus, showcasing what it’s like to work at DTX Pharma, so future employees could envision themselves working at this thriving biotech company. These photos will also be used for investor relations as well as for marketing and publicity.

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