Branding photos, travel designer Trisha Rathke

Trisha Rathke is not just a travel planner, she crafts luxury travel experiences — that’s why she named her company VIP Travel Designs

Her brand words are: Bespoke, Authentic and Priceless. And this mantra rings true for Trisha throughout the experiences she creates for her customers. 

With this strong brand identity in mind, we created photos for Trisha to establish her as the go-to professional for those who want splurge-worthy properties, dazzling destinations, and that incredible feeling you get when everything just falls into place. 

Trisha was planning on being in San Diego from North Carolina and she wanted to do her brand photos while she was in Southern California. Due to her schedule, we had one day that was open in her calendar. And in a very un-San Diego fashion it RAINED on the day of her photoshoot!! But… we made it work! Luckily she had reserved a beautiful room at the Paradise Point Resort in San Diego and that served as a majority of our photo set ups. 

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