How I elevated in my business in 2019

This year, I’m celebrated being in business for 6 years. I’ve spent the past several years building and growing my business, but 2019 was the year that I really got serious about INVESTING in myself and my business. 

In 2019 I spent more effort and time and money working on growing and stretching, than I had ever done in the past… and I’m so happy that I invested in support from people who can help me grow. I’ve got big goals and investing in myself has been a huge part of achieving those goals.

So I want to share with YOU …

Here are the specific ways in which I invested in my business this year:

sales coach

I hired Julia Andrews earlier this year, because after hearing her present at Fab Fempreneur Fest 2018, I knew I needed her unique combination of skills to help me package, position and sell my branding photography to my ideal demographic. 

Julia helped me develop my “sell from stage” presentation and strategy, she also helped me with the process of the sales lifecycle, and she revamped my mindset and showed me how to sell with heart and to lead with service. 

upgraded website

This fall I launched a brand new website, created by the super talented April Edwards of AE Design Co

April knows exactly how to make a website into a digital marketing machine. She built me a website that is meant to attract my ideal client and convert them into a customer. And the best part is that I can maintain it and modify it myself on top of my WordPress platform.  


I have been with the Connect For Success mastermind group for 3 years and I took on the role of ambassador for the newly-launched Oceanside chapter.  I love having a mastermind session with other female business owners, I get so much out of learning from other entrepreneurs in a safe and collaborate environment. 

business coach

I’ve been working with Sara Clark-Williams as my business coach since 2017. I started in Sara’s Fab Fempreneurs VIP Private Coaching program, modeled off her Signature Business Building Program. This was a one-on-one intensive deep-dive into my business. Sara helped me to identify areas where I needed to shift and expand. 

Sara has a gift for helping business owners get clear on their priorities and develop a roadmap for achieving their unique versions of success.

I continue to work with Sara in her UPGRADE program, where we meet in person quarterly and have monthly check-ins, so my goals are always top of mind. 

life coach

I want to live a Hell Yes Life, don’t you?!! That’s where Barbara Miller really shines. Her Live a Hell Yes Life program is meant to help women make ourselves our number one priority so that you can take care of everyone and everything that matters to you with more energy, purpose and love. 

The Live a Hell Yes Life program includes massage, motivational and personal growth coaching and simple self-care support to give you new tools to say Hell Yes to what really fills your soul. 

speaking on stage

My goal for 2020 is to have at least 10 different speaking gigs. But I didn’t have a speaker reel or any footage of me on an impressive stage, delivering my signature talk “How To Unleash Your Brand to Attract Your Next Level Clients” 

So, I worked with Serious Take Productions, and presented at their event called Broadcast Your Authority. They’re producing a kick-ass speaker reel for me, so I can pitch myself with confidence to organizations who have speakers. 

Now I would love to hear from you: How are YOU investing in yourself to STOP playing small????

About Marcy

Hello, I'm Marcy Browe! I specialize in personal branding photos for business owners in Southern California. I'd love to know more about you.. let's connect and create some magic together!


  1. Chris Ryan on December 28, 2019 at 8:05 pm

    Thanks for sharing your journey with me, Marcy. You were one of my first mentors in the Carlsbad Chamber and gave me some good advice early on. For 2020, I am also investing in myself by taking on a career coaching series with Mary Cravets (speaker at First Friday November). It starts after the new year so I am looking forward to sharing the results with you. This first year in business as a solo entrepreneur was a wild ride – but it has exceeded my expectations and helped dispel some fears. I can DO THIS!

    • Marcy on December 31, 2019 at 12:16 am

      Chris – I’m so glad we connected early on in your business journey. I’ve really enjoyed watching you grow and invest in your business. Cheers to 2020!!!

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