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Kids Smile Pediatric Dentistry

When you walk through the front door of Kid’s Smile Pediatrics, you’ll see a kids’ dental office like no other. It’s colorful, fun, and bursting with bright, shining smiles. Dr. Amin Bagheri and his staff are fully dedicated to making a trip to the dentist enjoyable for your child, every time they visit. 

This is the vibe we captured in photos and video, for the rebranding of Dr. Bagheri’s website which was re-designed from the ground up by the talented team at AE Design Co, based in Carlsbad, CA. 

View the videos created for Kid’s Smile Pediatric Dentist:

I have to say, I loved spending the day at this dentist’s office — I was surrounded by kids who were happy to be at the dentist (seriously!) and parents who adored Dr. Bagheri. And within moments of watching Dr. Bahgeri interact with his patients and their parents I could see the magic that he created in his practice. 

I captured so many photos for his website and also multiple video testimonials, and an “about me” video for the Kid’s Smile Pediatrics marketing. Check out his website to see the photos and watch the video! 

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