“But I don’t want to be the face of my brand”

 “But I don’t want to be the face of my brand”

I see you. You’re ready to launch something big. You’re ready to put something meaningful and important into the world. You’ve been working hard behind the scenes to create or re-vamp an offering that you’re so excited to share!! 

But ….

Then you start to contract. You start to doubt yourself. You are nervous, because you know you’ve got to step forward and be the face of your brand. 

I hear this all the time: “but I don’t want to be the face of my brand!” 

(In my head I’m saying this like Jerry Seinfeld in the episode about the puffy shirt “but I don’t wanna be a pirate”) 

If you’re like Jerry, you’re excited about being on the late night talk shows, but you don’t want to wear the puffy shirt. Jerry knows he looks stupid in that shirt but someone convinced him that the puffy shirt is the hot new look. 

Listen, you DON’T have to wear the puffy shirt. You don’t have to do ANYTHING that feels out of alignment. 

Being the face of your brand is actually the secret to attracting your right-fit clients. Your perfect clients want to see you. They want to get to know you before they say “yes” to working with you. 

If you’re hiding, if you’re playing small, you might miss opportunities to attract these clients to you. 

I love working with people who are tentative about getting brand photos. This is where I shine. I can help you uncover what your brand is, and create photos that are fully aligned with the brand of YOU. 

The whole process starts with a Branding Brainstorm. Before your photoshoot, we meet to talk about your brand.  I ask you questions about how you want to show up. We’ll talk about your marketing strategy and we’ll work together to create photos that support your vision. 

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