can I touch your hair

“Can I touch your hair?”

My team and I ask this question almost every time we photograph someone. There’s a lot of primping, adjusting, and styling that happens during headshot and personal branding photos. 

We take the term “high touch service” literally on photoshoot day.

We’re here to make you look like the best, polished version of yourself. 

And sometimes, that means we gotta touch your hair, adjust your collar, pull down the cuff of your shirt, or remove the dog hair that’s stubbornly stuck to your jacket. 

I offer personal branding and corporate branding photoshoots. As part of the photoshoot process, I coach you, I touch you, and I cheerlead for you — so you look your best in the photos. 

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Hello, I'm Marcy Browe! I specialize in personal branding photos for business owners in Southern California. I'd love to know more about you.. let's connect and create some magic together!

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