Confidence is Gorgeous

Confidence is Gorgeous workshop

Let’s be honest: most of us (especially women!) don’t always feel amazing in our skin. 

Many times women hide from the camera, or they wait until they are at their ideal weight, or until they have a better wardrobe, or for a great hair day.

We all know that magazines, advertisements and social media often distort the concept of beauty. 

However, in my opinion, real beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Beauty can increase with age. Flaws and imperfections can be sexy.

Join me in an intimate setting, to learn how to OWN it on front of the camera!! 


May 24, 2023 at 6pm
Bliss 101 in Encinitas
$75 includes a headshot photo

Confidence is gorgeous…

It’s important to celebrate where we are in life. By stepping in front of the camera and “owning it” you are revealing your personal inner beauty. 

Learn to use body language and how to nurture self confidence in order to shine in front of the lens.

During this presentation, you will learn tips and tricks for being more comfortable in front of the camera. And you will learn specific tools for cultivating confidence so you can show up and shine — in life and in front of the camera.

Every participant will receive a headshot as part of the workshop.

Arrive “camera ready” because you will walk away with an updated headshot and confidence to pose for future photos!

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