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Here’s your cuteness overdose for the day! Meet the Mahoney family: Shawn, Mariel and their 5-month old daughter Layla.

As all parents will tell you, time flies by when you have a baby. Shawn said he wanted to photograph Layla while she still had her gummy smile. Mariel told me they only had two family photos since the baby was born. So they were ready to capture their little family — and I was so excited to be the one to do it!

The beach was a natural spot for this family session. Mariel is a Southern California native. She grew up in Encinitas. And Shawn loves the ocean, he’s an avid diver. So something tells me Layla will be a beach lover as well. Although, when they dipped her toes in the water a few times she wasn’t really having it — she was more interested in looking at the waves.

Shawn and Mariel clearly adore this little lady. She loves to be held by her parents and she broke into the biggest happiest smile whenever she saw either one of them. Layla was such a good girl the day of this photo shoot. Mariel and Shawn have created a perfect little human!!

I love taking video clips of families during their photo shoots. I put this slideshow together for the Mahoney family because it’s always so fun to see video along with photos.

I wish them the best and I’m looking forward to seeing her grow!
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