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Take the survey: How do you feel about being photographed?

Why do some people love being photographed, while others feel vulnerable in front of the camera?

According to Photographer Peter Hurley and Applied Scientist Anna Rowley, people fit into 4 categories when it comes to having their photo taken:

  1. Some people own it when they get on front of a camera. They’re grounded, they’re confident, they’re comfortable being visible.
  1. Some people tolerate it and know how to put on a character when being photographed.
  1. Other people diminish, become smaller and try to hide from the camera.
  1. And many people AVOID being photographed all together. For them, cameras have a way of confirming their worst fears – that they are not enough; not good enough, not attractive enough, not funny enough, not successful enough. Even the thought of being photographed causes a feeling of anxiety and their immediate reaction is to think of ways to avoid the situation at all costs.

“The larger the gap between who we think we are and who we feel we should be, the more likely it is we’ll feel bad in front of the camera” – Anna Rowley


Peter Hurley and Anna Rowley came together to study this mindset. They call this PsyPhotology (a combination of psychology and photography). Watch this video of their TEDx talk in which Anna and Peter describe the art and science behind PsyPhotology.

They want us to re-frame the way we feel about ourselves. Instead of seeing our flaws, they want us to identify our substance – the things we should honor, cherish and celebrate.

Find Your PsyPhotology Quotient

Where do you think you lie on the spectrum?

Let me know — where do you fall? How do you feel about having your photo taken?



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