Hello from WPPI – the Portrait Photographer’s show in Vegas

I’m here, today, with an update from my first trip to WPPI.

WPPI is the Wedding and Portrait Photography Conference and Expo which takes place every year in Las Vegas. It’s THE show to go to for portrait photographers andI’m so glad I got to attend!!

Head over to my Facebook Page to see my FB Live video from the show floor.

Facebook live from the floor of WPPI

After spending 15 years working for corporations in Marketing and Sales roles, I have worked at and attended a fair number of trade shows and conferences (I’ve attended over 100 shows or conferences… here’s the badge collection I had hanging in my old office!)

the momentos from my former corporate career

I admit, before I headed out for WPPI I had some old anxieties that crept up on me. The idea of packing for a tradeshow and getting on a plane to Vegas brought back so many memories from my former career in corporate marketing. I looked at my small carry-on bag and thought “I must be forgetting something” because usually a trip to a tradeshow meant shipping heaps of stuff in advance and lining up days of meetings and coordinating a mega-list of on-site activities.

But then, I reassured my self — I am going to this show to support my own business. I don’t have to DO anything, I just get to attend and learn. What a difference that perspective makes!

The best part about WPPI was getting to see some of my favorite photographers-turned-educators provide hands-on demos and training.

I attended an all-day workshop with one of my favorite photographers, Lindsay Adler. Lindsay is a fashion photographer from NYC, who’s photography is full of color, exciting wardrobe, dramatic makeup and fashion flair. Lindsay is great educator and I’ve learned so much about studio lighting and posing from her. We got to photograph a few different models using various lighting techniques during her workshop.

I also got to see a few other favorite educators of mine teaching their craft…

  • Family photographer Tamara Lackey did live demos photographing families with little kids. Watching her wrangle the little kids during her presentation was like watching someone herd baby pandas!
  • Headshot photographer Peter Hurley was there promoting his Headshot Crew site for photographers (of which I am a member and have received a few jobs from – thank you very much to the Headshot Crew!!) “SHA-BANG People”
  • Joel Grimes lead a workshop about using one light and compositing images to create uber-impressive portraits.
  • Boudoir photographer Jen Rozenbaum presented about how to flatter every woman, and I came back with lots of ideas and I’m super inspired to shoot more boudoir portraits. Who wants me to photograph them in their undies??!?!? #ShamelesslyFeminine

Another REALLY cool part about attending WPPI was the opportunity to sit in during the judging of the year’s best print competition. This is where photographers submit their best work and a panel of judges grade their prints based on a series of criteria. The portraits that were submitted during this competition were outstanding. Some were TRULY breathtaking and awe inspiring. And to hear professionals critiquing the prints was fascinating. To give you an example of what I’m taking about … here’s last year’s top honors.

So, I’m back home and I am truly inspired to take on projects that have been lurking in the dark recesses of my mind. I am excited to push myself to create better images and to learn some new equipment and techniques.

My creative juices are flowing! This is a GREAT time to book a portrait session with me!! Let’s have fun together as I create a portrait for YOU!!


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  1. Toni on February 14, 2017 at 4:03 pm

    Must have been an exciting time! So glad it was such a productive and educational visit!!

    • marcy.browe@gmail.com on February 14, 2017 at 6:48 pm

      Yes Toni it was so fun to learn and absorb everything there!

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