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My Fab Fempreneur interview: keepin’ it real!

I love this podcast video interview I did with my business coach and host of Fab Fempreneur Fest, because I shared some personal info that I haven’t shared before. Specifically I am keepin’ it real about what it took to leave a lucrative, fabulous corporate job to start my journey as an entrepreneur.

You see, I was a bit naive. I had my pair of rose colored glasses on when I was fantasizing about turning my photography hobby into a business. I was dreaming about this for YEARS before I finally pulled the trigger. In my fantasy it was going to be a seamless transition and I would effortlessly move from a corporate powerhouse employee to a boss babe photographer.

Well, friends, it was WAY harder than I had anticipated. There is so much I didn’t know about starting and running my own business.

I talk about that journey in this video.

And I also talk a LOT about how to get your branding on point.

When you’re growing your business you must ensure your visual branding aligns with the goals you set and the clients you want to attract. When your visuals don’t convey a message that aligns with your messaging and value, you may detract your ideal clients and/or send mixed messages.

And … randomly we also talk about my tips for packing a carry-on bag for 6 weeks of travel to Europe. We covered a lot in this video!

I cover these branding tips in this video:

3 tips to Uplevel Your Image and Attract Your Best Clients:

1. Get Clear on Who You are and What You Stand For

Eliminate focus on competition and stand out naturally.

2. Have a Portfolio of Images

Have a variety of images that portray you as a dynamic person with images that reflect what it’s like to work with you.

3. Take Horizontal Images Too!

Whether it’s professional images or your selfies, you want to have horizontal images that have breathing room to add text. This provides marketing and branding images for your social media or other marketing avenues where you’re promoting your program or course for example.

Watch the episode and leave a comment!

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