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Meet the woman behind Fab Fempreneurs: Sara Clark-Williams. This rock star boss babe is a business coach for woman.

Sara’s passion and purpose through Fab Fempreneurs is to support women to experience filling BOTH their dreams AND their pockets, while making the biggest, positive IMPACT on the world.

Sara wanted some new photos that represented her super spunky personality, and also positioned her as a savvy, confident leader in the business and entrepreneurship community. She wanted a mix of images that showed her fun side along with her business acumen.

And of course we had to use her bold brand colors in the images!

Before creating these photos, Sara and I went through the process of determining her personal branding goals and her marketing goals for 2018. She received my “Custom Visual Branding Plan” which helps ensure that her images are exactly on-point with her personal brand.


And did I mention that Sara is also MY business coach? I recently completed her Signature Business Building Program, a one-on-one, butt-kicking, result-producing process that helped me to lay a solid foundation to strengthen key areas of my photography business.

Although I’m done with the program I’ll never truly be done building my business…so I’m currently enrolled in her Upgrade Mastermind Program.

If YOU are a Fabulous Fempreneur and are looking for help moving your business to that next level – set up some time to talk with Sara, she’s amazing at what she does. Your business and your life deserve it 🙂

And here are some REALLY cool designs that Sara’s graphic desiger created for her website and program launches. I love them!! 



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  1. Tara Pro on February 2, 2018 at 4:36 pm

    Love the way you included elements of the full branding package. Looks like a smooth and fun collaboration between all parties!

    • on February 10, 2018 at 7:01 pm

      hey there – thanks so much… yes it was a fun collaboration, I totally agree!

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