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Chrissa Benson of Physical Kitcheness needed a series of personal branding portraits for her online presence as well as to promote her exclusive online wellness membership “Club Kitchness”.

This girl is on fire – building a business and a brand that helps busy women feel good, look good, and eat good. She’s a mom to two little ones (we featured them in the photoshoot!!) and she’s also laugh-out-loud hilarious (check out her Instagram stories for a guaranteed laugh). She’s been featured on many TV shows and in magazines – and she continues to build her business with her trademark humor and knows how to keep it real. Her husband is a deployed Marine, so as if raising two young boys and building a business isn’t hard enough she’s juggling it all while living as a single mom. Chrissa is a true inspiration to women and I was thrilled to work with her to create these photos!!

We did a series of personal branding photoshoots both in a kitchen environment as well as fitness shots taken in my studio. If you are a busy women (specifically a mom) I highly recommend you follow Chrissa as she is a constant source of efficient ways to workout, meal planning ideas, and family-friendly recipes – all without breaking the bank or feeling overwhelmed.




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