realtor portraits | Balboa Park San Diego

Mechelle Bombard is starting her career as a realtor and wanted updated photos to use for her marketing. She wanted a rustic shabby-chic feel to her photos to match her personal style. So we chose Balboa Park in downtown San Diego.

Mechelle told me that Balboa Park is a special place for her, she spends a lot of time there with her 4 daughters and her husband. So that made this location even more fun for us.

I hadn’t met her in person until our photoshoot, so when I saw her in the fitted black dress and that amazing necklace, I knew immediately that she was going to be fun to photograph. Her smile was non-stop throughout our time together and she is so easy to be with. I really got the sense that she is the kind of person who would take care of all of her clients with the over-the-top, personal touch that it takes to be a great realtor.

She works for RE/MAX Ramona and she grew up in San Diego so she knows this area inside and out. If you’re looking to buy or sell, do reach out to Mechelle for service with an infectious smile!




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