That’s what she said

That’s what she said

Picture this: you’ve said “yes” to a branding photoshoot. You’re a little excited, but mostly nervous because you have to be in front of a camera. You now have to find the perfect outfits. You want to make sure you’re having a good hair day when the camera is on you. 

All of this preparation for the photos is starting to feel a little overwhelming and, honestly, a bit exhausting. 

You show up for the photoshoot with your clothes all ready and sit in the hair and makeup chair. 

It’s all happening! 

Once we get started, you begin to relax. I help you with all of the posing and selecting outfits. I’m there to guide you through the entire process, so you don’t have to worry about all of the little details. 

Once your photoshoot day is over, you get to go home and relax. I take all of your photos and select the best ones and start to do my magic. 

You get that email from me “your photos are ready!!” 

You click the link to see the album full of photos of YOU. In all of your outfits, with your hair and makeup on point. And you think … damn! I look good! I actually love these photos. I’m relieved and so stoked to share these!!! 

It’s with this energy that you send me a reply. I LOVE GETTING THESE RESPONSES!

Here are a few recent love notes I’ve received after clients get their photos from me:

These are better than I could have imagined possible! Thank you for your attention to detail: who I am and what I’m trying to convey. It all came through above and beyond!  Thank you for your cheerleading and support – you are amazing!

Thank you so much for taking on this challenge. There’s no other person I would want to have brought along with me on this journey than you ❤️

I know you had some specific concerns going into this shoot, but I feel like you showed up with SO many great clothing options and the locations were perfect.  I’ll get back to you with my selections for retouching. Honestly, most of them don’t need any retouching so that’s great news!! 

Love these photos Marcy!  Wow – looks like it was on 4 different days, but it all happened in only 2 hours.  

Love the results – thank you!

That’s what she said
That’s what she said
That’s what she said

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That’s what she said

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