2016 – Year in Review – Marcy Browe Photography

So, turns out I’ve had a busy 2016!! I didn’t realize just how busy I had been this year until I tallied the numbers:

139 photoshoots:

29,190 shutter clicks

65% Portraits and Personal Branding

35% Family Photography


This has been such a fun year … I’ve photographed all kinds of women who responded to my 30 Days of Gorgeous challenge, I’ve met so many wonderful people here in North County San Diego, and photographed 40 families – both from San Diego and those who have traveled here from far away.

2017 has so many good things in store! I’m teaming up with videographers and clothing stylists, to bring the glam squad and visual bad-assery to my future clients. I cannot wait to share all that I’m cooking up in the photography lab.


Have you ever day-dreamed about what your life could look like if you were doing the job you loved and working at your passion each day? Yeah I did too, for years I dreamt of taking my passion for photographing and turning it into a full-time business. And here I am in 2016 living that day-dream.

But I would not be here without all the wonderful people who have stepped in front of my camera. If you are one of those brave souls, I am honored to thank you. And if I haven’t aimed my camera you way yet, I hope to do so soon!!

I’m so excited to see what 2017 brings!





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Hello, I'm Marcy Browe! I specialize in personal branding photos for business owners in Southern California. I'd love to know more about you.. let's connect and create some magic together!

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