branding photos for San Diego doula and ayurvedic chef

Shelley Rahim has built one of the most fascinating businesses – and I got to document the beautiful vision she had for her marketing photos. 

In order to tell Shelley’s story of a birth doula who also offers ayurvedic cooking lessons to her new moms, we went to 4 locations, recruited one nursing mom and several of her former clients to be in our photoshoot. 

It was extremely important for Shelley to represent the vulnerability a new mom experiences, as well as emphasizing the proper nutrition and support required for a postpartum mother.

Shelley learned ancient recipes and post-birth nurturing techniques from her Pakistani mother in law and was shocked to learn that these valuable rituals were not available to Western mothers and their caregivers. She also works as a prenatal yoga instructor, and effortlessly embodies the concept of compassion and wisdom. 

Shelley is creating a cookbook and food blog to teach new moms and their loved ones, how to properly take care of a postpartum mother in the weeks immediately after childbirth. 

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