Hot Ballroom Nights portraits and behind the scene photos

I have the pleasure of working with the Hot Ballroom Nights team again this year!!! I was in Hermosa Beach at the You Can Dance studio a few weeks ago to photograph the dancer’s portraits and behind the scenes from their practice sessions and I’ll be there the night of the show to capture photos on the red carpet and of the performances.

^^ Check out the slideshow from last year’s event.^^

Last year’s show was SO much fun and I cannot wait to be in the audience (and behind the scenes) again this year.

Just like the “Dancing With The Stars” television program, Hot Ballroom Nights features local celebrities who are paired up with professional dancers to win money for their selected charity. Guests in attendance will watch the performances. The judges, some of them from “Dancing With the Stars” themselves, will critique the dances and give the scores. The combined score from the judges and people’s vote will determine the champion. The top couple will win additional money for their charity.  Other awards will be given based on best judge’s score and audience vote.

If you’re in the LA area, come to this event on Sept 17! I’ll see you there.


Robert and Beth


Nina and Matt


Laura and Konstantin


Jerry and Debborah


Konstantin and Jane


Holli and Evan


Here are some photos of the dancers practicing and the video crew getting footage of their rehearsals and interviews.



Irina, the producer of Hot Ballroom Nights, gets all up in Matt’s business with the microphone


my back hurts just watching this. You go Laura!!

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