Personal Branding | Geanette Floyd, Personal Worth Consultant

Geanette radiates warmth and positive energy and when you are in her presence, you can immediately sense that she is wise beyond her years. She’s the perfect combination of yogi and business woman. All of these qualities are used to their fullest potential in her business as a personal worth consultant.

Geanette’s mission is to help heart-centered professionals recognize their worth, feel confident about asking for money and setting appropriate pricing for their business/passion.

In her former career, she was a corporate sales “queen bee”, before she turned personal coach, yoga teacher and energy healing practitioner.  She believes that our corporate landscape has created a culture of personal unworthiness, which can be overcome through recognizing key strengths, values and talents.

It was a true pleasure working with Geanette to create these images that tell her story. We created photos that showcase her as a consultant with a heart.

And it was especially meaningful for me to have this photo experience with Geanette, because she is my yoga teacher and friend. It’s so rewarding when you get to witness someone you believe in with all of your heart taking a leap of faith and making a business and life that’s fulfilling their dharma — that purpose in life that you are called to answer.

Are YOU ready to to take the leap to spread your wings of worthiness?  I encourage you to visit Geanette’s website (to see her gorgeous new photos in action!) and to see how she can help you step up and develop your personal worth.


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