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Personal Branding versus Headshot photos: what’s the difference?

I often get asked about the difference between a headshot and a personal branding photoshoot. And yes they serve different purposes – let me explain …


A headshot is a tight cropped photo of you looking directly at the camera. Every professional should have an updated headshot that represents their current business and current personal style. 

A good headshot will be like making effective eye contact in real life. It’s your photo version of a handshake. It has to be solid, appropriate to your field, and immediately make the viewer feel connected with you. 

Your headshot should represent you in your current state, when someone meets you in person it shouldn’t be vastly different than your headshot.


A personal branding photoshoot is designed to give you a whole variety of cohesive images to use in your marketing, on your website,  and on social media. 

In preparation for your branding photoshoot, I take my clients through a branding consultation where we do a deep dive into defining your brand, to uncover what your vibe and brand qualities are. 

We strategize about your upcoming marketing plans and I will create photos specific to your marketing needs. You’ll receive a lot of wide shots with room for text and logos. And headshots will be a part of that branding package

You receive a whole suite of branded photos, I deliver you a gallery of images. 

So by the end of the photoshoot not only do you walk away with a beautiful authentic suite of images, you will also be clearer on your brand and know how to infuse your brand into your life.

Are you interested in learning more about YOUR personal brand and how to translate that into photos?

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