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Denise Bevers, the Founder and Chief Operating Officer for KindredBio, a pet pharmaceutical company based in San Diego came to me for updated headshots plus publicity photos that featured her two dogs (and her husband Lon!)

THIS was such a fun photoshoot because I got to feature Denise as an executive who is approachable and warm while also showcasing her as a doggie mamma.

We did photos of Denise alone at my photo studio in Oceanside first, then Lon came with their two wonderful and loving dogs for the second half of the photoshoot. These two dogs were so happy being close to Denise and they loved to cuddle and snuggle. They were the perfect models!! I had treats on hand to get their attention – because most dogs are motivated by Scooby Snacks.

I loved my time with these gorgeous dogs and their lovely dog owners!!




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