Corporate headshots for California PR firm

team headshots and branding and website and marketing photos, oceanside photographer Marcy Browe, personal branding photos in orange county ca

I set up my studio at the Orange County office of the Health + Commerce PR firm, during a day when the entire team was gathering from all across California. Each person went through several poses, that fit their personality. And in the end we chose a favorite headshot for each person to create a…

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Branding photos for Cheryl Lee

branding and website and marketing photos, oceanside photographer Marcy Browe, personal branding photos

Cheryl Lee is the founder of The Synergy CoWorking Centre in Escondido, which provides nonprofits with office space. Cheryl’s other business venture is Bay Vista, a nonprofit that focuses on providing community-based affordable housing throughout Southern California.  “San Diego has always been a mecca for entrepreneurship or new businesses, and the Escondido area is particularly…

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Branding photos for a financial advisor

branding and website and marketing photos for san diego financial planners an financial advisor, oceanside photographer Marcy Browe, personal branding photos

Kat Rogers is not your typical financial advisor. So her photos needed to represent her vibrant and fun-loving personality, while also striking the right balance of portraying her as polished and professional.  Before becoming a financial advisor, Kat worked for 18 years in film production – and she took all that business experience into her…

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Corporate Branding Photography

branding and website and marketing photos for viasat, oceanside photographer Marcy Browe, personal branding photos in carlsbad CA

Are you guilty of using bad stock photography to promote your business? The type of photos that are generic and over-used? You can usually tell right away when you’re seeing a stock photo because it’s often bland and soulless.  Or … even worse: are you “borrowing photos” from the internet? Do you Google images and use…

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personal branding portraits | Heights Park Insurance

When I first met with Alyssa Wilcox to talk about doing photos for her insurance business, we knew right away we didn’t want to do the standard boring headshots. As the owner of Heights Park Insurance Services, Alyssa runs a full-service independent agency that helps all types of small businesses with their insurance needs. Heights Park…

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personal branding portraits | family and newborn photographer

personal branding portraits Carlsbad CA, professional photographer in San Diego

The beautiful smile in these photos belongs to my friend and fellow photographer, Cheryl Polk, a newborn and family photographer based in San Diego. When I asked Cheryl to step in front of my camera she was open and willing to be my subject. You see, as photographers we don’t often get to be the…

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Personal Branding Photos | Elana Karoly, Mortgage | San Diego, CA

personal branding portraits Oceanside CA, professional photographer

Elana Karoly – the Home Loan Queen! I had so much photographing Elana for her updated branding photos. She is affectionately known as the Home Loan Queen and wanted to bring that fun element into her professional images. Elena was very clear on her brand and how she wanted her photos to represent her, and…

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Personal Branding Portraits | Holistic Pregnancy Coach, Kristen Strate

affordable portraits business website san diego ca

Kristen Strate is a holistic pregnancy coach, a Bulletproof coach, a fitness instructor, a mom, a wife … she embodies all things family and health. She launched her website last year and in preparation for her public unveiling we did a photoshoot in her hometown of Oceanside, CA to feature the many sides of Kristen.…

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Personal Branding Portraits | Find the Happy Now | Oceanside, CA

marcy browe photography personal branding

Beth is candid and vulnerable and loving. She is a Mama, a wife, a sister and friend. She is an artist. She started a company called Find The Happy Now, as an outlet for her art and for her desire to spread the message that we can find happiness each day, even when the days feel extra dark. She created…

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Dancer Portraits | You Can Dance Studio, Hermosa Beach, CA

dancer portrait photographer, San Diego

One of my FAVORITE clients to photograph are the professional dancers from You Can Dance Studio in Hermosa Beach, CA. We collaborated on their latest set of marketing portraits which involved their ridiculously talented team of dancers who are masters of multiple styles of dance. The studio is owned by the dynamic mother/daughter team of…

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Branding Portraits | Curt Cuscino

banding photography Carlsbad CA

This was such a fun photoshoot because it was a total departure from the style that I typically shoot! Curt is a DJ and he is also a principal with HypeLife Brands, progressive branding & marketing agency helping brands engage Millennials. So when he came to me for updated headshots to promote his DJ business, I knew this would be…

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